I thought I’d give a bit of an introduction to my piece Accodrian for wind orchestra, which recieves it’s world premiere next week at the Adrian Boult Hall. (Tickets are still available on the door if you want to come to this exciting event).

‘The name Accodorian comes from the contraction of the words accordion, and Dorian; the piece originally started out a composition for two accordions, before eventually expanding to its current instrumentation. This is evident in the passages of sustained chords, which imitate the accordion. These sustained notes are kept in the background, and are accompanied by short solo phrases on various instruments, as well as occasional rhythmic punctuation from the brass. The piccolo is prominent throughout, cutting through the texture to provide a melodic line, and adding continuity throughout the musical changes. The piece also shows influences of funk, which can be seen in the bassoon grooves and brass interjections.’